Updates from the Tinyverse - 18th October 2021

*A note from the authors of Tinyverse: It has come to our attention that the version that was sent out bumps into some technical difficulties. We are resending with the intended version that was supposed to go out. Thank you!*

We have been working on the launch of our SaaS commercial product Hammer Forge that’s coming out later this year. In the meantime, we have shipped some fun goodies that all run on the edge :)

Rune Core

All procedure blocks have been moved out of the hotg-ai/rune repository and into their own repository, hotg-ai/proc-blocks. This means procedure blocks authored by HOT-G are no different from any others and allows us to refactor some internals which makes it easier for end-users to write their own proc blocks.

Unfortunately, this is a breaking change, but the fix is fairly mechanical.

Whenever you might write this:

  proc-block: "hotg-ai/rune#proc-blocks/modulo"

Replace it with this:

  proc-block: "hotg-ai/proc-blocks#modulo"

(i.e. we are using the “modulo” proc block from the “hotg-ai/proc-blocks” repository)

The older versions of rune will continue to work with the older format. We will diligently work with you to help upgrade to the newer version. If you run into any issues, hit us up on Discord!

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Our SaaS product Hammer Forge will be launching soon and it’ll make these upgrades a breeze!

New Runes!

Each week, our team keeps on updating our runic mobile app with new runes. This week you will see two new runes on our app in the app store (iOS and Android).


This is an object detection algorithm. Below is the video of the YOLO rune.

You can download the Yolo rune from here.

2) CartoonGAN:

Generative Adversarial Networks for Photo Cartoonization. You can transform your image to a cartoon-style image like the one below.

You can download the CartoonGAN rune from here.

Try out these runes and let us know how you feel about them in the comments down below. Stay tuned for more runes every week.

The Team

We want to welcome Anugrah Adams, joining our team to ramp up the Hammer Forge efforts :) He will be crucial in helping our Forge team bring observability, security, and monitoring to Edge Applications.

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