Updates from the Tinyverse - 8th November 2021

Hello, again! Some of you has kindly reached out asking why our team didn’t have an update last week. We’re so flattered that you checked in :) To be frank, we had a busy week with a few key events lined up, as you will see shortly, that our team had decided to focus on shipping. This will be a rare occurrence for us to skip updates as we are as excited to share about all things we are doing with our community of ardent subscribers. We appreciate your support on this beautiful hammer journey! Let’s get to it, shall we? :D


Our discord is buzzing with new developers dropping by! One of our users on discord have shown interest in local deployment because he wanted to see if he can embed rune! He was able to run a BERT demo from here. Like our team, he’s an NLP enthusiast, building open source project for medical literature using knowledge graphs using Redis. His project won RedisLabs Hackathon this year! Happy to have you joining us, Alex!

Our team is also thrilled to announce that we are a Gold Sponsor for this year’s HackPrinceton which commenced this weekend, Friday, November 5th till Sunday, November 7th! For 36 hours, hackers have the opportunity to collaborate and build out brilliant, innovative and impactful ideas. We were beyond excited to support young minds who are shaping the Future of technology! If you have been with us since the beginning, you know we love a good hacking party so be sure to join in on future adventures via our Discord and twitter @hotg_ai!

Our Co-Founder, Kartik Thakore, closed out the opening ceremony alongside Ethereum’s Co-Founder, Joseph Lubin, talking about the future of edgeML. He also led two talks showing 1. Tutorial on Rune and 2. Observability on the Edge and for AI. You can check out the 2nd workshop here

We had pretty great project submissions using our open source technology, Rune. The one project that really stood out was a project on Brain Health which uses a privacy preserving model for patients to get risk understanding of their mental health. One of things we loved about the team was that they used custom models on their own data and were able to deploy rune end to end. You can check out the dev post here

Thank you to HackPrinceton Hackers for making this weekend an enjoyable one! Our team had a great time chatting with all of you and look forward to seeing what other hacks you have in stored for the future!

Rune Core

We hit a big milestone in this release with the publishing of our web runtime to NPM. To accompany this, we’ve also developed a tutorial that walks developers through integrating Rune into their web apps. If you’ve ever wanted to use Rune in the browser, this is something you should definitely check out!

Try the Tutorial

The above tutorial is just one of many that we’ve developed in the lead up to HackPrinceton.

A point raised time and time again by Rune’s users is that sometimes you just want to try out a new technology without going through the hassle of installing software or setting up a development environment. Well, we’ve taken that advice onboard and now every tutorial in our new tutorial series has a big “Open in Gitpod” button which will open a VS Code window in your browser that is connected to a fully provisioned development environment in the cloud.


Our team was a proud sponsor of VERGE 21, one of the key events in the climate tech space.

The event focused on industry leaders and startups working to address the climate tech change. As noted on their website:

The urgency of the climate crisis is accelerating — and so, too, is the opportunity to build a clean economy. We have a once-in-a-lifetime moment to transform society and create sustainable, just and resilient systems.

This was an opportunity for our team to learn and highlight how edge computing (including AI on the edge) will make an impact in addressing climate change. A full debrief of this will require a separate post, which we intend to publish next week, especially as HOT-G is starting to build vertical solutions in this space.

Hammer Forge

We had a chance to showcase a preview of our upcoming NO/LOW-CODE product called Hammer Forge, which will allow anyone to come and build edge computing apps. While we have a long way to go to mature our product stack to make it incredibly easy for anyone to manage and observe edge computing, this is our first attempt at building a drawing canvas for edge artists :). You can watch the sneak peak video here:

The team has been hard at work building a cloud service that will make it easier for Rune lovers to make and monitor their applications. As of now, we have started putting together our initial UI, build services and other infrastructure.

If you would like early access to Forge, just add your information below - we plan to onboard in January 2022!

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