Warm Holiday Wishes from the HOT-G Team

Warm greetings to our Tinyverse Community,

At Hammer of the Gods, one of our proudest moments as a company is being able to work with team members spanning across the entire globe from the United States to Europe to Canada to India to Australia, to name a few. With a diverse remote-first company such as ours, we are very fortunate to be able to celebrate all the different amazing holidays that are near and dear to our team members’ hearts. With that being said, Thanksgiving is upon us and is widely celebrated in the US. Our team had to take this moment to send our tremendous gratitude to our wonderful community for the incredible support you have given us. 

When HOT-G started, our founding members had a vision to push the limits of what was possible with AI outside of the cloud. In order to bring this vision to life, we had to build a winning team which required working with really creative hackers who have special skills such as valuing empathy over ego, talent over title and collaboration, collaboration, and more collaboration. Did we say collaboration? We’re honored to work with team members who are experts in what they do and know why they do it and pay it forward to their fellow team members. 

When culture and values align within the company, we all win! This win led us to build our open-source technology called Rune, an orchestration tool for specifying how data should be processed, with an emphasis on the machine learning world, in a way which is portable and robust. The main goal our team had with Rune is to give developers in the fields of ML and data processing a way to declare how data should be transformed using a high-level, declarative language. As you’re aware by now, we are particularly focused on making rune containers easier to deploy. Deploying applications in the tinyML universe is a hassle and experts agree

Our team has been working hard in the last several months to make development and deployments easier! Enter, Hammer Forge!

Hammer Forge is a rapid development service that can build Runes, collect telemetry in environments completely owned by you and deploy Runes back to devices. Forge is part of our toolkit for embedded machine learning application developers, to focus more on making secure and private AI rather than building data collection traps. If you want to learn more of how this enterprise offering came about, read more here.

We are launching Forge sometime soon next year with folks already waiting in line to get early access into what our product can do. Sign up below for exclusive information you will not find anywhere else! 

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Computers are one of the most complex inventions humans have come up with and arguably the best compliment you can give a piece of software is that it just works. There are a large number of factors that contribute to the “it just works” experience, and here at HOT-G, we are dedicated to applying them to each and every aspect of the Tinyverse. 

We are hammering home the central theme which is intelligence will go where the data is. We are about to witness a fork in the world of intelligence, a decoupling from centralized systems to a distributed intelligence system. To that end, our team is already working hard to bring our vision about Metaverse in the aspects of computation, decentralization, and the need for verifiable edge computing with AI, to materialize a fully decentralized Metaverse. Our open-source ethos means we will be building many of these items openly which aligns very well with the crypto community

As you can gather, our only limit is our imagination and speed of execution. As we begin to explore and build the future of the Tinyverse, we know that our imagination will only grow and we cannot wait to grow with you! Thank you for coming along the ride and giving us a reason to stick around! The journey has only just begun! Wait till see you what we got cooked up for 2022! 

May the magic and thrill of the holiday season forge on ;)

Akshay, Kartik, Michael, Jacek, Dinesh, Geert, Sam, Meelis, Mohit, Anugrah, Amin, and Holly

PS - our team will take a holiday break to recoup and will resume with our regular Tinyverse programming on Monday, December 6 with a post you do not want to miss!

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