Who are we?

Hammer of the Gods (HOT-G; pronounced exactly like it reads) is a startup based out of Palo Alto, California. We are bringing observability, monitoring, and security to the world of edge computing.

We are building the developer experience tools and infrastructure for edge computing in the open (as in open source). Visit

https://hotg.dev/ to learn more.

What do we write about?

We want to share our ideas and our progress building the developer and community experience. The journey we are on will take some effort but by building them in open, along with the best developers around the world, it becomes a lot easier. Drop into our discord to say hi! https://discord.com/invite/gPCNNvRnF4

Are we funded?

Our founders are entrepreneurs that have previously built successful companies (including going public). We have some very forward-looking investors on board who believe in our vision of where the world of edge computing is going.

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Software engineer and open-source enthusiast.

Meelis Lootus

Computer vision & ML


Connecting the bytes


Software developer at HotG.


TinyML universe from hotg.ai - we write about embedded machine learning, AI, edge computing, security, observability, MLOps for the edge, and more! Come for the content and stay for the tool ;)

Akshay Sharma

Investing and building in edge, privacy, AI, healthcare, crypto, and decentralization. https://sharma.ai/


I see dead PCBs...